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Presenting a Yielded Will - Ebook
Presenting a Yielded Will - Ebook
Sale price: $9.00

All of God's plans begin at the end of a yielded will. Clearly, Jesus' sacrifice hung in the balance of his yielded will to the Father. In the follow-up to Keys to a Yielded Will, Rev Warren Hunter develops principals from God's Word showing that God is calling men and women everywhere to follow Jesus' example and present  to God their yielded wills.

  1. The Clay
  2. Conforming to the Master Potter
  3. A True Gethsemane Experience
  4. Salvation in the Balance
  5. Obedience Unto Death
  6. The Price of Complete Surrender
  7. Obedience Unto Life
  8. The Harness of the Lord
  9. What is God's Will
  10. Choose Life