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Visionaries: Rise to Leadership - Ebook
Visionaries: Rise to Leadership - Ebook
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The will of God is that we influence others for Christ, enabling them to see the light.  But if we are unable to influence others properly, we will never be able to establish true vision within them.  In fact, if we want to exercise any kind of influence at all, we must bring God's vision to a person's life.  In this way, we are called to influence and change the direction of other people's lives, enabling them to walk out the wonderful plans of God.

In Visionaries:  Rise to Leadership, Apostolic Revivalist Warren Hunter lays forth the biblical strategy for Christians everywhere to properly and effectively exercise the kind of godly influence needed to change others.  With numerous, penetrating biblical examples, Revivalist Hunter shares what future leaders need to know in order to abandon their own personal agendas and lead others with the confidence that comes only from a solid relationship with God