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GWWG - Making Disciples - MP3
GWWG - Making Disciples - MP3
Sale price: $27.00

What do you look for in a mentor?  Does everyone need a mentor?
 Should I have one?  In this series, Making Disciples, Warren Hunter
 gives dynamic principles and guidelines for the major issues and choices
 for mentors and those looking to be mentored.  He will show you the Biblical
 and practical reasons for having such an important and Godly relationship.
 Also could or should I mentor others?  What do I have to give?  In this
 series you will learn basic yet revelatory principles  about your role as
 a mentor into the lives of others.  Warren Hunter will help answer some of
 the hard and honest questions that you may be having.  This teaching will
 help guide you in making the right choices and stepping out in God’s perfect
 timing.  After hearing this revelatory teaching you will never again look at
 people or yourself in the same light..  This basic, yet dynamic teaching will
 change you for the rest of your life and will give you Biblical principles to
 follow in your personal life, family, business and ministry.