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Born in South Africa, Warren Hunter spent much time with his grandfather, Bernard Hunter who established several new churches. Great men of God such as Terry Law, Dr TL Osborne and David DuPlessis became a huge influence upon his walk with God during his childhood years.
Currently, Warren is a member of ICFM, Cornerstone World Outreach with Pastor Larry Gordon and is the President of Sword Ministries International and Apostolic Sword Network.

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Eagles are known for their incredible sight, or vision. This powerful visual clarity is produced by a special oil that eagles have in their eyes. The oil mixes in with their tears, constantly washing over the eye when the eagle looks into the sun; therefore, enabling them to see 3-4 times further than normal. They are even able to see fish beneath the water. As we seek God, our eyes too will be washed by the anointing of the Word so that we can see further and clearer. When we fix our eyes on Jesus, our role within God's will becomes clear. Many Christians today are oblivious to God’s bigger picture in regard to His redemptive work, which ultimately minimizes their ability to impact more, gr

Deconstruction and Reconstruction

In Proverbs 1:23 the Lord declares, “Turn to my reproof behold I will pour out my spirit on you; I will make my words known to you” (NKJV). Turning to the reproof of God is changing your mind, repenting, going in a different direction. God desires to pour out His spirit to all, to reveal Himself to all through His Word, to walk in covenant relationship with all. There is a direct relationship between turning to the reproof of God and receiving from God, for God gives grace to the humble. Though many Christians have a desire to turn from their sin and follow God wholeheartedly, there seems to be a misunderstanding of where this change begins. Paul sheds light on our start in 2 Corinthians 10:

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