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I sense the continual flow of the Holy Spirit leading
and guiding me, as He protects, loves, fulfills, fills,
overflows, surrounds me, moves in me, draws and con-
victs me. He applies the blood. He transforms me,
enabling and equipping me in my every walk and my
every talk.


He continually flows through me, strengthening,
exhorting and encouraging me. I know that I am being
seasoned by fire. Purged, plunged and purified by his
wonderful fire—my every motive, action and desire




  • Our God Is a Consuming Fire
  • God’s Fire of Judgement
  • Our God’s Great Purifying Fire
  • HisWord Is a Fire
  • God’s Fire Transforms Us
  • The Mystery of Godliness
  • Progressing into His Glory
  • The Price of the Glory
  • Life in the Midst of God’s Glory

From Fire to Glory - Ebook

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