September 6, 2019


God designed us to always be able to manifest the fullness of His nature. Just
like an engineer, God sees the end product of a creation in the beginning. Along with all-
knowing vision that God creates us with, He made man in a unique way. God’s unlimited
capability can be seen in the human body. The study of the conscious and
subconscious alone will spark a curiosity of the bigness of God and our potential in Him.
There’s much to be revealed in the intricate function of the body, brain, and mind, but
also in the uniqueness of our individuality. No person has the same eyeball or the same
fingerprint. God is the ultimate Engineer, and our makeup, like any structure or design,
will require modification as we go along. This is where the word retrofit comes into play.
Retrofit is the modification of equipment that is already in service. It means to adapt,
install, and fit. In reference to God as the engineer and us as the design, a word to pair
with retrofit is fortitude, which is to strengthen from within. This is important because
there are many of us who have received improper information, slack maintenance,
cheap up-keep, and our temple suffers for it. God has created us in such a way that we
can only run smoothly so long as we stay close to the One who engineered us. The
most important aspect of retrofit is the foundation that God laid in the beginning.

The foundation of anything determines the stability of the end product. The
foundation is critical in longevity and durability. In the beginning God created the
heavens and the earth. Genesis 1 explains that the earth was “without form and void” (v.
2a). This word means that the substance was created, or the fullness of potential was
available. In simpler terms, it is as if all of the lego pieces for a project were available.
All that was left to do was assemble according to the Engineer’s design. This is where
the Spirit of God comes into play, the first element. The Spirit must work with the “lego
pieces,” or the substance that God had prepared, and bring about creation. The Spirit of
God begins to work with the Word of God, the second element, as He commands, “‘Let
there be light’” (Genesis 1:3). This building principle involving the Spirit of God and His
word is consistent throughout the Bible, especially in the birth of Jesus. In Luke 1, Mary
is encountering the angel Gabriel. He is explaining to her that she will give birth to the
Son of God. She was confused at how she could be pregnant when she had never
known a man. Gabriel explains that “The Holy Spirit will come upon [her], and the power
of the Highest will overshadow [her]” (Luke 1:35). We have the first element. Then, her
response fulfills the same thing that happened in the beginning: “Let it be to me
according to your word” (v. 38). The second element was received, thus birthing the will
of God that had been purposed before the foundation of the world. This is the
foundation that God builds on—His word and His Spirit. This is what we were built on,
and this foundation is what maintains our stability. We’re commanded to walk in the
Spirit, to sow in the Spirit, and refrain from the flesh and its corruption. The fall is a build
against God’s foundational requirements, which we see clearly in the tower of Babel
(Genesis 11). We were made to retrofit the progressive fullness of God’s nature. To be
internally and eternally strong.

God is Spirit, and everything He does is from the Spirit. At the core of creation is
the Spirit of God. This applies to us, man, especially. We are first a spirit being. Yes, we
were formed from the dust of the ground, but we didn’t become living beings until He

breathed into us (Genesis 2:7). The intelligence, potential, substance, of our existence
depends on the Spirit of God sustaining us. No intricate function of our body would be
without the Holy Spirit. Our physical makeup is in subjection to our spiritual foundation.
This is important because we then become the link between God and material creation.
This is our position, or our element. Just like a fish cannot operate outside of water, man
cannot operate outside of the Spirit. For man to stay healthy and strong, we must learn
to stay in the Spirit, swim in the Spirit, live in the Spirit (see Galatians 5). We mentioned
earlier that God breathed into man, and that is what made man a living being. The word
for breath in that verse is “neshamah.” This is not merely a word for wind from the
mouth, but a word that indicates a soul was imparted. The capability to make decisions,
think, and imitate God was now available by the breath of God. God had given man will
power that was to remain intimately partnered with the Giver. A part of the retrofit
system is for man to be made like God (Genesis 1:26). Only Himself in the material He
created could continue to progressively build upon the two-part foundation He started,
thus fulfilling His glory. Zechariah 12 begins with a word of the Lord. God’s lordship is
confirmed and characterized in verse 1 by saying that He is the One who “stretches out
the heavens, lays the foundation of the earth, and forms the spirit of man within him.”
Not only is it consistent with Genesis, but it gives insight to the proper way to maintain
our existence. Our contact with God through prayer is a spiritual one, which is why
we’re urged multiple times in the New Testament to pray in the Spirit. In regard to
retrofit, the more notable example is found in Jude 1:20. Jude explains how to maintain
this eternal life that has been gifted by the Lord Jesus Christ: “But you, beloved, building
yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the spirit, keep yourselves in the love
of God..” Proper building on our part takes part in a spiritual communication with God
that sustains us in the purpose of our life; the love of God. Simply put, praying in the
Spirit is the ultimate maintenance. Our up-keep is vital in the life we live and the fruit we
produce in our sphere of influence. Man was placed in the garden after being made in
the image and likeness of God, and by the blood of the Lamb we have been restored
back to the garden where there is no separation between man and God. With our slate
wiped clean, we now have the capability and responsibility to steward our lives the way
God intended in the first place. This is what was set into place in the beginning, and we
now are able to retrofit the Engineer’s purpose in its fullness. We’ve returned to the

As wild as it sounds, we were created to be able to handle all of God—the glory,
power, love, and so on. This is the mystery that was hidden from ages and generations:
God would no longer dwell in a temple made by man, but in the temple He created with
His own hands. Christ in you, the hope of glory (Colossians 1:26-27). Later in chapter 2
of Colossians Paul explains that in Christ dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily (v.
9). God is purposeful in what He does, and was especially purposeful in making the
human body. He formed the human body to be able to harness Himself then glorify
Himself by the outworking of His nature. The veil has been torn and we now have full
access to receive the grace needed for the glory of God (Hebrews 4:16). The full
expression of God through our person is available, and He declares that we are just like
Him in this world right now (1 John 4:17). Once this truth is attained at the individual
level, then comes the right to join with another and make impact at the collective level.
In other words, be the Church. This is the heart of the Father that we see in John 17.

Jesus prayed, “And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be
one just as we are One: I in them, and You in me; that they may be made perfect in one,
and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have
loved Me” (John 17:22-23). Again, this is for right now, because earlier in the chapter He
prays that we are not to be taken from the world, but kept from the evil one (v. 15). The
Father’s heart is that His children would glorify Him by being united in the perfect bond
with one another that reflects the same bond that Jesus had with the Father. It’s been
set up perfectly. The price has been paid, which makes us righteous, redeemed, and
justified. The removal of sin has taken place, and now we are able to fulfill what God
has always purposed since that day in the beginning, since God placed man in the
garden. We were made for this, and it’s important that we continue to do what it takes to
stay in the Spirit, to retrofit the design that God intends.

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