What You Will Learn:

At Awakened to Worship, you will experience five days of God’s power, presence, and practical teaching to renew your mind and transform your life. Learn what a heart of worship looks and sounds like. 

Worship is the Sound of a God-focused Heart! 


Your peace, Your Hope, is in understanding that God is looking for His Spirit dwelling within you. He is pleased when His Spirit is released to Worship! The most powerful worship happens when His Spirit within you touches Him. Your Spirit is renewed, Strengthened, Emboldened, and encouraged. 

- Attraction Leads to an intimacy unknown to most Christians 

- Worship touches your innermost being

- Worship releases God's nature and character within you

- Worship establishes the environment of the Spirit 

- God inhabits the praises of His people 


Join  Prophet Russell Walden, Apostolic Revivalist Warren Hunter, and Worship Pioneer Lamar Boschman 
For Five Days In The Glory, Worship, And Word Of God 

Start 2022 in Worship and the Glory

Awakened to Worship

January 5th - 9th, 2022 In Branson, Missouri

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Experience The Power & Presence Of God... Learn The Power of Intimate Worship... Transform Your Life!

Meet The Speakers:


Prophet Russell Walden

Voicing The Father's Heart

Russell Walden is the founder of Father’s Heart Ministry based in Branson, Missouri. Russell reaches over 47,000 believers with his "Daily Prophetic Word" newsletter. He is a seasoned prophet who has helped thousands experience breakthrough and discern the voice of God in their situation.

Russell grew up as a 3rd generation Assemblies of God minister and was ordained with the AG in 1984 in Louisiana.

Prophet Russ will help you better understand the sovereignty of God and how you are authorized to operate in His power and expect miracles to become an everyday occurrence in your life.

During his sessions you will learn:


  • The secret of hearing and proclaiming 

  • How to Worship your Way into the Glory 

Session 1:  The Prophetic Voice  

Session 2:  A Walk into Limitless Worship  

Apostle Warren Hunter

The Divine Attraction 

For nearly 32 years, Apostle Warren Hunter has travelled the globe preaching the gospel with power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders following. Tens of thousands have been impacted by the Word of God through his ministry.

Apostle Warren will be sharing with you how you can tap into and live in the abundant life that Christ has provided you. 
He will share timeless wisdom and biblical strategies to help you continually live in and experience the presence, power, and blessing of God in every area of your life.

During his sessions you will learn:

  •  Worship touches your innermost being

  • Worship releases God's nature and character within you

  • Worship establishes the environment of the Spirit


Session 1: Loves Roots

Session 2: The Eyes of the Bride 

Session 3: Worship is Created in the Heart

Session 4: The Power of the Alter 

Session 5: Will You Respond? 

Session 6: Judah's Destiny 

Session 7: You Shall Love the Lord Your God  


Lamar Boschman

 Coach, Author, Pioneer

Authentic and transcendent worship has been the life study of Lamar these last three decades taking Him around the world equipping leaders and movements.


When you apply these principles of genuine worship they will deeply impact your life as they did His. You will walk with God more closely, hear His voice more clearly, and see His power and presence at work in your life more frequently.

During his sessions you will learn:

  •  What does Authentic Worship Look Like 

  • The Music of God 

  • God's Thoughts on Worship 

Session 1: Prophetic Worship 

Session 2: A Heart on Fire 

© Awakened to Worship by Sword Ministries International.

We're so excited to see you at Awakened to Worship!

Where Is The Event Taking Place?

Awakened to Worship is being hosted at the

Light of Glory Revival Center located at 

2355 S Business Hwy 65 in Hollister, MO 65672


For those who can't come in person we have created a special online ticket. 


Kayla Hunter 

Throne Room Worship 

A mighty minister of joy, Kayla Hunter is the Associate President of Sword Ministries. Her burning desire is to see each person in the body of Christ free from the bondage of this world. Her passionate and pure pursuit of God as a worshipper has touched untold thousands as she has led them into the deep waters of His love and presence.

During her sessions you will learn:

  •  Intimacy in Worship 

  • How to enter in Beyond the Veil and Into The Courts of Heaven 

  • The Heartbeat of Worship 

Session 1: The Birthplace of Miracles 

Session 2: The Secret Places 

Session 3: The Sound of Heaven on Earth