What You Will Learn:

At Limitless you will experience four days of God’s power, presence, and practical teaching to renew your mind and transform your life. It's your time to overcome what's been holding you back and for you to step into the limitless abundant life that Jesus has afforded you... 

God designed you to THRIVE here and NOW! 


You don't have to wait to get to heaven to experience victory in your mind, body, finances or relationships. God wants you to prosper and be in health as your SOUL prospers... on earth as it is in heaven.

At Limitless you will learn cutting edge processes and strategies to achieve your goals, live your purpose, and fulfill God’s destiny for your life.
​ You will be propelled into the new year and the next decade renewed and refreshed through four days of passionate worship, powerful teaching, and heartfelt ministry.


Join Dr. Caroline Leaf, Prophet Russell Walden, And Revivalist Warren Hunter Along With 300 Believers From Around The World!

Are You Ready To BE Limitless?

LIMITLESS Conference 2020

February 27 - March 1, 2020 In Branson, Missouri

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Experience The Power & Presence Of God... Learn Biblically Based Processes & Strategies... Transform Your Life!

Meet The Speakers:

Dr. Caroline Leaf

Science and Faith: Switch on Your Brain

Dr. Caroline Leaf will address mental self-care, which includes learning how to control your mindset, the unique you think, feel and choose and learning how to build healthy, long term memories.


Her teachings will take you beyond mindfulness into a lifestyle of transformation and renewing of your mind.

Today, most people can access vast amounts of information, yet few people know how to process this information, using it to be successful in life. As a result dreams are crushed, and goals are never achieved. 


Many people find themselves frustrated because they do not know where it all went wrong, or even how to begin? We doubt ourselves. We become overwhelmed. You deserve to live an abundant and your most successful life, but how do you get there? How do you know if you are even "good enough"? How can you take these thoughts captive?


Dr. Leaf will present her scientifically-validated methods and techniques she has developed over 30 years in her clinical practice and application in schools, learning institutions, churches, ministries and organizations to help you understand the mind-brain connection.


Countless people around the world have used these tools to transform their lives...

You can too!


Session 1:  The Mind-Brain Connection and Mental Health

Session 2:  The Perfect You: Your True Identity

Session 3:  Think and Eat Yourself Smart

Prophet Russell Walden

Voicing The Father's Heart

Russell Walden is the founder of Father’s Heart Ministry based in Branson, Missouri. Russell reaches over 47,000 believers with his "Daily Prophetic Word" newsletter. He is a seasoned prophet who has helped thousands experience breakthrough and discern the voice of God in their situation.

Russell grew up as a 3rd generation Assemblies of God minister and was ordained with the AG in 1984 in Louisiana.

Prophet Russ will help you better understand the sovereignty of God and how you are authorized to operate in His power and expect miracles to become an everyday occurrence in your life.

During his sessions you will learn:


  • How to protect yourself from the enemy’s assaults

  • How to take your spiritual territory

  • How to walk in kingdom authority and experience victory in your everyday life

Session 1:  Prayer Perimeter

Session 2:  Give The Devil Hell In Your Prayer Life

Session 3:  Boundary, Measure and Authority

Session 4:  You Are A Principality and A Power

Session 5:  The Last Enemy

Session 6:  Process and Outcome

Apostle Warren Hunter

Living In The Limitless Realm Of God

For nearly 32 years, Apostle Warren Hunter has travelled the globe preaching the gospel with power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders following. Tens of thousands have been impacted by the Word of God through his ministry.

At Limitless,  Apostle Warren will be sharing with you how you can tap into and live in the abundant life that Christ has provided you. 
He will share timeless wisdom and biblical strategies to help you continually live in and experience the presence, power, and blessing of God in every area of your life.

During his sessions you will learn:


  • To live in the limitless power of your "I AM" potential found in your identity in Christ

  • How to overcome discouragement and unlock faith to manifest the miraculous in your life

  • To tap into the limitlessness of God to receive your desires and activate God's abundance in your life

Session 1:  I AM Limitless Potential

Session 2:  Overcoming Limitations & Discouragement

Session 3:  Faith For Limitlessness

Session 4:  Drawing From The Limitless Realm

Session 5:  Limitless Abundance

Session 6:  Living Limitless

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We're so excited to see you at Limitless!

Where Is The Event Taking Place?

Limitless is being hosted at the Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center located at 3050 Green Mountain Drive in Branson, MO 65616

The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center is a one-of-a-kind Branson hotel with a fun and unique twist. Stroll the indoor corridors like kings and queens of old surrounded by knights in shining armor. Sit outside on the patio immersed in the beauty of the Ozarks while listening to the waterfall or relax in one of the two indoor pools or hot tubs.

Special room pricing available starting as low as $60 per night!