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Born in South Africa, Warren Hunter spent much time with his grandfather, Bernard Hunter who established several new churches. Great men of God such as Terry Law, Dr TL Osborne and David DuPlessis became a huge influence upon his walk with God during his childhood years.

Currently, Warren is a member of ICFM, Cornerstone World Outreach with Pastor Larry Gordon and is the President of Sword Ministries International and Apostolic Sword Network.

Warren was exposed to the power of God by seeing many miracles at an early age. After being baptized with the Holy Spirit at the age of twelve, the Lord began to reveal Himself to Warren through dreams and visions. At the age of 13 Warren started ministering to students and soon became director of a youth organization. Warren’s father moved the family to the US when he was 16 years old.

While attending Oral Roberts University, Warren sat under the ministry gifts of Kenneth Copeland, Marilyn Hickey, Dr. Larry Lee and many other well known men and women of God during chapel meetings. He attended two years at Grace Fellowship with Pastor Bob Yandian.

In 1988 Sword Ministries was birthed. Warren continued to minister in churches on the weekends and was a chaplain for a homeless mission while he attended Rhema Bible Training center for two years of further training.

In 1989 he met Kayla. Warren and Kayla married in 1991 and together have traveled around the world ministering a powerful word from God with signs and wonders following.

A mighty minister of joy, Kayla Hunter is the Associate President of Sword Ministries. Saved at the age of eight she has not wavered in her pursuit of Him. Raised in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in Missouri, Kayla was involved in youth council, music ministry, street ministry, ministering overseas and completed 2 years of Bible training with an emphasis on missions. Her burning desire is to see each person in the body of Christ free from the bondage of this world. Her passionate and pure pursuit of God as a worshipper has touched untold thousands as she has led them into the deep waters of His love and presence.

The mission statement “Speaking The Truth In Revival, Piercing The Innermost Being” best describes this cutting edge ministry. With their combined compassion to reach the lost and deep desire to reveal the love and power of God in each meeting. Warren and Kayla are true revolutionaries. They have set their face like flint in pursuit of Him. It is their desire to equip His body to walk in the fullness of God by demonstrating and teaching signs and wonders decently and in order.

Whether it has been a quest for the lost through crusades or ministering one on one, their passion to see lives changed by the love and power of God has continued to grow. Regardless of where the Lord has led them, they have been true examples to His body of what Jesus told us to do by laying down our lives and picking up our cross daily. Warren and Kayla, by the power of the Holy Spirit, have conducted many long standing revivals throughout the United States and other parts of the world.

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