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E-Course Outline 


An authoritative and vibrant training series dealing with the demonstration of signs and wonders done decently and in order by the power of the Holy Spirit. Within this course, you will be empowered by the Holy Spirit through revelatory training sessions.


You will learn to lay hands on the sick, raise the dead and become a conduit for God's power and love into the lives of those around you. You will be trained to discern signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit and to flow in the miraculous.


Course Outline: 

1. Experience the miraculous

2. Demonstrating Signs and Wonders

3. Developing a flow of the Supernatural

4. Position your consciousness to understand how to demonstrate

5. Breaking through barriers to entering into the miraculous

6. Obedience

7. Unlimited Authority

8. Abiding in God

9. The power of confession

10. The motive of Love

11. The fear of the Lord

12. Faith

13. Reflections of Miracles

14. Knowing the times and the Seasons


  Want to know how to flow in the 12 Gifts of the Spirit? How do they actually happen.
Come and get practical application by obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit instead of formulas of so-called Bible teachers..


"For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God"
Romans 8:14

Course Outline:
1.    Wisdom for Signs and Wonders
2.    Ask God for Wisdom
3.    The Signs and Wonders Recipe
4.    Preparing the Environment to Discern the Times for Signs and  Wonders
5.    The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand


Wonderful Treasures Await Every Believer!

Apostolic Revivalist Warren Hunter imparts a fresh and seasonable message from God's heart. From the start Hunter sets the tempo exchanging the world's most obscure definition of hope for God's perspective. With a real foundation in place, he then proceeds to spell out the wonderful treasures that await every believer who comes to the full revelation of "Christ in you, the hope of glory."

You will be lead on a clear-cut scriptural path to a greater understanding of how to function in the unique role for which all of God's people were created so the anointing can produce the glory. 


Satan's most urgent strategy against the army of God is to cut off the supply lines.  In doing this, the enemy knows he can eventually disconnect Christians from their source of power and render them ineffective against all of his other strategies and deceptions.  Satan realizes that his entire operation depends on closing off our supply.


In The Supply of the Spirit, Apostolic Revivalist Warren Hunter underscores the importance of our heavenly supply.  With inspired comparison to natural water and power sources, Hunter clarifies how Christians can stay connected to the flow of God's power which stands ready to flow into the heart of every born again believer on earth.

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The heart of God compels us to seek the lost. The power of God enables us to emanate/impart grace that others might be turned to righteousness. It is what Jesus did for us. He prepared Himself for the work that the Father wanted to accomplish through Him. To think like God is to consider others as more important than yourself, lay your life down, and win the lost.


It is important that we become active in evangelism. The office of evangelist is not required for the advancing of the Kingdom. Evangelism is a life that is yielded to God. It is a great honor and privilege to turn others to righteousness for the glory of God, and it is important that we steward the responsibility well. This course carries six powerful teachings on leading an evangelistic lifestyle.

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