What You Will Learn:

You will experience four days of God’s power, presence, and practical teaching to renew your mind and transform your life. It's your time to overcome what's been holding you back and for you to step into the limitless abundant life that Jesus has afforded you... 

God designed you to THRIVE here and NOW! 


You don't have to wait to get to heaven to experience victory in your mind, body, finances or relationships. God wants you to prosper and be in health as your SOUL prospers... on earth as it is in heaven.


Join Dr. David Herzog, Prophet Tracey Cooke, And Revivalist Warren Hunter Along With Believers From Around The World!

Are You Ready for Fire and Glory?

FIRE and GLORY Conference 2021

October 27th - October 30th, 2021 In Spartanburg SC

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Experience The Power & Presence Of God... Learn Biblically Based Processes & Strategies... Transform Your Life!

Meet The Speakers:

Dr. David Herzog

reveals secrets of the GLORY never released before!

Have you ever wished someone could mentor you and answer all your questions while leading you step by step into the deeper realms of the secrets to accessing the glory of God? 

Dr. David Herzog delves into the practical and deep realms of the glory to answer the questions that are often left unanswered. 

Discover the Secrets of the Glory and walk into the fullness of your potential and destiny in the Glory of God.

Dr. David's over 25 years of experience in operating in the glory help to take you there. 


Session 1: What exactly is the Glory?

Session 2:  How do you get the Glory to manifest tangibly and visibly?

Session 3: How to access the Glory daily?

Session 4: Operating instructions for creative miracles, signs, and wonders & How prophesying in the glory opens up governments, presidents and kings

Prophet Tracey Cooke 

Prophet and Executive Pastor of Cooke Revivals Ministries

Prophet Tracy has ministered to the nations delivering the Word of God to His people for over 30 years! Prophet Tracy operates in the Five-Fold Ministry and has a love for God's people all over the world with nothing more than the desire to serve God and bring people to the Lord through his spiritual gifting.  


Session 1: The Tangible Touch 

Session 2:  Position Yourself for Visitations 

Session 3: Understanding the Glory 

Apostle Warren Hunter

Walking in the Midst of God's Fire and Glory 

For nearly 32 years, Apostle Warren Hunter has traveled the globe preaching the gospel with power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders following. Tens of thousands have been impacted by the Word of God through his ministry.

Apostle Warren will be sharing with you how you can walk out and live in the overflowing Fire and Glory that Christ has provided you. 
He will share timeless wisdom and biblical strategies to help you continually live in and experience the presence, power, and blessing of God in every area of your life.

During his sessions you will learn:


  • To live in the limitless power of your "I AM" potential found in your identity in Christ

  • How to overcome discouragement and unlock the Glory to manifest the miraculous in your life

  • To tap into the Glory of God to receive your desires and activate God's abundance in your life

Session 1:  The Consuming Fire 

Session 2:  The Fire and Glory that Transforms Us 

Session 3:  Mystery of the Glory 

Session 4:  Life in the Midst of God's Glory 

© FIRE and GLORY Conference 2021 by Sword Ministries International.

We're so excited to see you at FIRE and GLORY!

Where Is The Event Taking Place?

FIRE and GLORY is being hosted at MtZion WorldOutreach located at 

320 Wimberly Dr. Spartanburg, SC 29306


Conference Schedule




7 pm - Warren Hunter


10:00 am - Worship and Intercession 

6:30 pm - Prayer 

7:00 pm - Worship 

Apostle Warren Hunter  



9 am - Worship 

9:30 - Apostle Warren    

10:30 - David Herzog 

12 - 1 Lunch 

1:30 -  Worship 

Prophet Tracey Cooke 

6:30 pm - Prayer 

7:00 pm - Worship 

David Herzog



9:30 am - Worship 

10:00 am - Dr. Herzog 

12 - 1 Lunch 

1:30 - Apostle Warren 

6:30 pm Worship - Prophet Tracey Cooke