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Although one might not see the wind there is clear evidence that the wind is present in changing the state of many things.  The Holy Spirit is God's powerful force moving in the world and though one might not see the Holy Spirit there is clear evidence of His mighty breath.


This very same powerful Holy Spirit desires to dwell in believers. 


God is ready to breath through you!


I know this from first hand experience of seeing God manifest His powerful breath through me.

I am fully persusded that this book will awaken you to a revelation of how God's mighty breath can manifest through you.


The Hebrew word for spirit is ruach and it means air in motion.  It is the same word for breath.  It also means life.


The Holy Spirit is God's breath. God's exhaling. is God's enegry force designed to accomplish God's purpose on the earth through Believers.

Breathe of the Almighty

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