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Flowing in the Supernatural is an authorative and vibrant training series dealing with the demonstration of signs and wonders done decently and in order by the power of the Holy Spirit. Within this course, you will be empowered by the Holy Spirit through revelatory training sessions.


You will learn to lay hands on the sick, raise the dead and become a conduit for God's power and love into the lives of those around you. You will be trained to discern signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit and to flow in the miraculous.


1. Experience the miraculous

2. Demonstrating Signs and Wonders

3. Developing a flow of the Supernatural

4. Position your consciousness to understand how to demontstate

5. Breaking through barriers to entering into the miraculous

6. Obedience

7. Unlimited Authority

8. Abiding in God

9. The power of confession

10. The motive of Love

11. The fear of the Lord

12. Faith

13. Reflections of Miracles

14. Knowing the times and the Seasons

Flowing in the Supernatural

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