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God Working With God:  Understanding God's Reciprocal Nature as the Greatest Key to True Intimacy.


You are standing at an open door to HIS supernatural activity within. When you yield your heart to Him, His Spirit and His Word work freely and completely within you to bring about His plan for you and those around you. 


This is an intriguing insight into understanding God's working relationship with Himself in this revelatory word to the modern-day church. After 30 years of study, seeking, and prayer, Warren Hunter shares the relationship between God's Word and God's Spirit and how they operate in unity to birth God's nature and character in you, His creation. 


God Working With God addresses major Christian life issues including: 

  • Healing 
  • Gifts of the Spirit 
  • Sovereignty 
  • True personal friendship with God 


Expose yourself to this powerful revelation and discover how His Spirit and His Word within you will transform your life. 


"Within this book, you will discover how and why God deals with us." - Dr. Gary Smalley 


God Working With God Online Course

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