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I believe it is the heart beat of the Father is that all would operate in the prophetic spirit.  The Spirit of Christ should be operating through all God‟s children.     

God has always wanted to breath His Word through His servants.   
 To prophecy in its simplist form is to speak the truth in love.   
Prophecy is simply referring to hearing the voice of the Lord and speaking His words to others.
1.    Prophetic Foundation
2.    Hearing the Voice of God
3.    Prophetic Revelation
4.    Prophetic Activation
5.    Prophetic Impartation
6.    Prophetic Confirmation
7.    Prophetic Direction
8.    Prophetic Authority
9.    Prophetic Purity
10.    Judging Prophecy
11.    Unusual Prophetic Styles
12.    Prophetic Mixtures/Warnings
13.    Prophetic Submission
14.    Prophetic Love Guidelines
15.    Religious Hindrances to moving in the Prophetic Spirit
16.    Step into the fulfillment of the prophetic spirit

Living In The Prophetic Spirit

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