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Jesus came to set the captives free. Free from what? Spiritual Wickedness in High Places. God has set you free from hell, but have you cleaned your house yet? Some people are saved but not free of old habits, influences and assumptions. Demons are active forces coming against Christians to get them to drop their witness, forfeit their inheritance and cloud God's vision for their lives. In this 13 set MP3 series, Warren Hunter exposes the different kinds of spirits and shows you how to deal with them. Disk 1 - "God Tsu" - Knowing how the Lord, yourself and the devil operate Disk 2 - From thoughts to habits to actions to strongholds Disk 3 - The War is spiritual Disk 4 - Types of Spirits Disk 5 - Types of Spirits Disk 6 - Types of Spirits Disk 7 - Proximity, Pride, Perceived Injury Disk 8 - Perversion, Heaviness, Whoredom Disk 9 - Infirmity, Deaf, Dumb, Fear Disk 10 - Haughtiness and Bondage Disk 11 - Haughtiness and Bondage Disk 12 - Haughtiness and Bondage Disk 13 - Divination and Erro

Spiritual Warfare

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