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Supernatural Leadership Training Institute


Apostolic Revivalist Warren Hunter will train you to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders following.  


Within the training manual are outworking assignments.  This school is not designed for the Sunday pew sitter.  Once you complete the companion 21 DVD’s and assignments, you will be ministering in the power of God to your friends, family and community!  You will be transformed into a carrier of revival through this training!


License and ordination are available upon meeting predetermined requirements through Apostolic Sword Network.


  • Are you called to the Ministry? Are you sure?
  • Practical Truths for Ministry and Ministering the Gospel
  • The Gifts and Calling of God
  • Understanding God’s Nature
  • The Nature of Man
  • Biblical Interpretation
  • The Training Stage:  Management and Leadership
  • Priorities of Life and Ministry
  • Paul’s Preaching Styles
  • Sermon Preparation and Presentation
  • How to Stay in the Ministry
  • Overcoming Failure in Ministry
  • What to Do and What not to Do in Ministry
  • Spiritual Authority…the Leading of the Holy Spirit
  • How to be Led by The Holy Spirit
  • Increase the Anointing
  • The Beginning and Power of Tongues
  • Tongues as an Apostolic Power Base
  • Qualifications of the Apostolic
  • How to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit
  • Praying the Pauline Prayers
  • Authority and Submission
  • The Primary Focus of the Apostolic: PREACH CHRIST!

Supernatural Leadership Training Institute - Ebook - Manual

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